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11.10. 2006

Update of Discography section

Into Discography section was added the CD Love Letters.


3.9. 2006

Filmography section online

Completition of Filmography section.


28.8. 2006

I have made some text correction and correction of Download section.


27.8. 2006

English version of the website online

Today I finished the English version of the website.


25.8. 2006

Salute to the composer Victor Young

Welcome to Victor Young's web, whom was the composer not only film music but also an author of well known songs in the first half of 20th century. Since the first time I saw the movie Shane I began to interest in this composer of the Golden age. I couldn`t find any compact information, so I began to collect anything I could about him (like photos and score samples). As a result of my interest I made this web which I hope gives the most complex information about his work and himselves. If you have any questions or suggestions, please, mail me.


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