Shane: A Tribute To Victor Young (details)

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Title: Shane: A Tribute To Victor Young
Format: Regular CD
Label: Koch International Classics
Label number: 3-7365-2H1
Release date: 1996
Country: USA

SAE (reissue)

Other info:
There is also reissue with new packaging. Notes by Tony Thomas and package design by Jim Titus. Limited edition of 500 copies.

01. Prelude (02:52)
††††††Tracks 01-05 from Shane
02.†The Three Stump (02:59)
03.†Rodeo Music (00:44)
04.†Wyoming Sketches (03:12)
05.†Cemetery Hill (04:12)
06.†For Whom The Bell Tolls (08:29)
07.†Prelude (02:25)
††††††Tracks 07-13 from Samson and Delilah
08.†Miriam (01:27)
09.†Dance to Dagon (01:53)
10.†Hebrew Lament (00:56)
11.†Feather Dance (01:50)
12.†The Fall of Samson (01:28)
13.†Exit Music (01:44)
14.†St. Patrick's Day (02:17)
††††††Tracks 14-16 from The Quiet Man
15.†Kathleen (03:25)
16.†Innesfree (02:38)
17.†Tribute to Victor Young (08:51)
††††††Suite - arranged by Henry Mancini
18.†Around The World in 80 Days (Epilogue) (06:47)

Total time: 58 min 19 s